We offer our clients design services to make their dream spaces come to life.

Our team is built of engineers, architects and designers. We provide you with all kinds of designs from the smallest scale items, such asĀ  furniture pieces, chimney walls, vanity units, to bigger scale projects such as homes, restaurants and villas. Our team provides our clients with the best design solutions, technical drawings and renders as required and always up to the client’s satisfaction.



As marble professionals, we are ready and equipped to provide the client with drawing layouts, material inspection at source and after installation.

We cover all stages of the project from concept creation, to professional marble advice, to the actual concretization of your dream idea.


Our expertise and experience allow us to advise the client on the perfect choice of stone depending on the characteristics of the project.

The Boulos Signature team insures to consult the client on the best quality of stone, the kind of fixation, quantities, prices and reducing wastage, always guiding them towards the right direction.