Viva Bahriya – Pearl Island




Doha, Qatar

Project Name

Viva Bahriya - Pearl Island


Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, Inc.

Composed of 28 Moroccan themed towers, Viva Bahriya is the utmost accommodation with a beach view for individuals of all ages and groups from youth to elderly, singles and families.

Each reception in every tower has its own extravagant style defined by high end marble with a variance of colors from light to dark, neutral to colored.

Boulos Signature was proud to showcase our expertise and finesse in lobbies of a few of these towers.

The entrance seen above is a mixture of Armani Light and Brown St. Laurent creating a beautiful fusion of beige, gray and brown. Another one combines Crema Di Botticino and Nero Marquina displaying the contrast between beige and black. A different lobby merges Crema Marfil and KK revealing shades of beige. A fourth one is a simple affiliation of Travertino Classico finishes on walls and floors.