Villa Faqra




Faqra, Lebanon

Project Name

Villa Faqra


Fouad Naayem Architects

Being a strong resistant material, Mountain Gray Basalt is highly desired and reliable if you’re looking for a long term lasting natural stone with a high end look. Used as exterior wall cladding or street paving, Basalt stone is elegant, difficult to deteriorate and ageless.

It is used both in outdoor and indoor spaces creating a unique appearance and achieving a modern/contemporary look. Due to its soft variant gray colors, it can be easily mixed with other materials such as marble and allows you to introduce any color to your space offering a fresh looking area.

Different finishes add a beautiful touch to the stone making it usable in several areas projecting a divergent look and non identical material.

The combination of Mountain Gray Basalt, Calacatta Oro and St.Vincent seen in this project has created both a relaxed and fancy atmosphere suitable for a mountain villa.