Le Meridien Hotel




Beirut, Lebanon

Project Name

Le Meridien Hotel



Le Meridien Commodore hotel is your go to destination if you’re looking for a cozy location to spend your vacation at; inclusive of all the amenities to perfect your staycation.

Located in Hamra, near the center of the city, the hotel is surrounded by clothing stores, as well as many restaurants, cafes, bars and a lively nightlife.

The interior of the hotel consists of a classic, timeless design giving a sophisticated, elegant and dramatic effect in the space.

The colors used were of a warm background to convey the home-like feel. Mocca marble which has a soft brown color and slight veins was the perfect match for Mustard Yellow marble having a yellow color stained by white spots. To break the simplicity, Eggee Fumee and its splendid light brown, gold and white touch was used leaving the visitor in awe.