F.M Apartment




Beirut, Lebanon

Project Name

F.M Apartment


Fouad Naayem Architects

The continuous refined natural veins found in Armani Medium characterizes the stone combining luxury and authenticity all in one. Its hues of gray and beige merged together add a dramatic yet charming effect to the space.

The architect has incorporated this special stone with the marvelous Vanilla Onyx, a gemstone that highlights any area its laid out in with its translucent and peaceful appearance.

The blend of Armani Medium on the walls, Olive Marron on the vanity and the uniquely beautiful Statuario on the sink gave this Restroom a charming and modern atmosphere due to its neutral natural soft colors.

The Romboo finish of Armani Medium on the mirror wall accentuated the area where its adjacent walls are of the identical material differentiating them by a simple touch.